Saturday, September 15, 2012


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Hello! Today I'll share my trip to energy center Hamriin hiid in Mongolia. Some of my clothes and accessories made ​​by me. 

This trip takes to world energy center in Eastgobi where will visit Khamariin monastery and world energy center. Khamariin khiid created by Danzan Ravjaa who were a 19th century Buddhist monk, playwright and poet. He established the 3 temples such as Demchigiin khiid, Ereetiin khiid and Tsagaan tolgoitiin khiid. Demchigiin khiid (World energy center) is yellow hat Buddhist monastery good for geting energy; this temple area is rich by alkalinity granite. The granite is takes out good energy that good for positive effects for human. It’s a suitable place to do some yoga and meditations get energized from Mongolian Gobi.

Enjoy  :)

Sunrise  05:45 AM  Mongolia#dornogovi#sainshand

Dress and bag made by me
Mongolian yurt restaurant in gobi
Mongolian food huushuur
Necklace remade by me

Back to home from Dornogovi to Ulaanbaatar
beautiful view from the train window


  1. ene ta uuruu yumu?
    yamar goe zurguud ve
    ter nooson palaaj mash ih taalagdlaa

  2. Байгальтайгаа зохицсон хувцас ямар гайхалтай харагддагийн бэ?

  3. Өнгөний зохилдлогоо их гоё байна аа! Big like! Энэ хувцаснуудаасаа зардаг юм уу?

    1. Баярлалаа :), удахгүй янз бүрийн загварын хувцаснуудаа зарж эхэлнэ.

  4. Хаагуур зарах гэж байна?