Monday, May 19, 2014

My new outfits

Mongolian style blouse

Mongolian style dress&jacket

Mongolian style dress

Mongolian style vest
Mongolian style jackets

Blouse with embroidered peacock
T-shirt with mongolian map

Handmade necklace


  1. Mongolian clothing looks very similar to chinese cheongsam/qipao.......

    1. i don't think so, very different and long history. Culture of mongolian national costumes is one of preciuos share of mongolians to the world civilization. This culture was created during thousand of years in high mountains of central Asia together with genesis of mongolians and research works proof that common appearance of the mongolian national costumes was formatted in the second century with strength of Huns empire.

      maybe some details similar

  2. Sn bnuu!
    Tanii zagvariig harlaa.
    Nadad mash ikh taalagdlaa
    Tanitai uulzaad uurtuu heden zagvariin huvtsas hiilguulj avmaar bn
    Bi namar mongold ochno.
    Tanii urlan haana bdag ve?
    Holboo barih utas bolon hayagaa uldeegerei
    Amjilt husey

    1. Сайн сайн байна уу?
      Монголд ирэхээрээ 91649211 дугаараар холбогдоорой