Saturday, July 13, 2013


 World energy center in Eastgobi where will visit Khamariin monastery and world energy center. Khamariin khiid created by Danzan Ravjaa who were a 19th century Buddhist monk, playwright and poet. He established the 3 temples such as Demchigiin khiid, Ereetiin khiid and Tsagaan tolgoitiin khiid. Demchigiin khiid (World energy center) is yellow hat Buddhist monastery good for geting energy; this temple area is rich by alkalinity granite. The granite is takes out good energy that good for positive effects for human. It’s a suitable place to do some yoga and meditations get energized from Mongolian Gobi.
At the entrance, you will see the eyes of Buddha with a third eye in the center this is the energy eye.

Embroidered eye

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