Thursday, August 29, 2013

Elsen Tasarkhai&Photo shooting

Elsen Tasarkhai is a part of the 80 km long Mongol Els Sand Dunes. The nature in this area is really spectacular and great for relaxing.
The main road separates Elsen Tasarkhai sand dune into two parts, Mongol Els on the south and Khugnu Tarnyn Els on the north. Elsen Tasarkhai sand is sodden under its surface, so shrubberies such as willow, elm and dogwood, grow in the area. Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes is surrounded by Mount Khugnu Khan on the north and Mount Ikh Mongol on the south.
During the trip, you will also have opportunities to visit a local nomadic family, ride two-humped Bactrian camel, walk on sand dunes, experience staying in a traditional Mongolian dwelling, the ger, and walk and relax in beautifully serene nature.

Here some photos from photo shooting of my collection 2013-2014


 Photo by: Ts. Khatanbaatar
S. Badag

 to be continued

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